Ugg Boot Cleaning and Conditioning

ugg boot cleaning

Most Ugg Boots are made up of sheepskin. Sheepskin is a warm breathable natural skin. Sheepskin is susceptible to moisture. Harsh winters conditions, whether it is rain or snow, tends to damage the sensitive sheepskin upper of an Ugg Boot. In cold climates where the snow flies, harsh chemicals are spread on the streets and walking paths of virtually every urban area. These chemicals tend to dry out and harden the sheepskin itself. Nasty white salt stains, shrinking of the material, and loosening the dyes are some of the problems associated with moisture and chemicals constantly in contact with your Ugg Boots.

The Grove Shoe Repair and Orthopedic Lab has developed a very effective cleaning system for Ugg Boots. Depending on how bad the boots are, the process can take from 7 to 10 days to complete. It also includes conditioning of the sheepskin after thoroughly cleaning. The process leaves the Ugg Boots almost as soft as the day you purchased them!

Seek the professionals at the Grove Shoe Repair and Orthopedic Lab when the inevitable happens. We will keep your Uggs looking their best, year after year!

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